• Dell's Latitude line has long been a favorite of businesses large and small because of its strong performance, good pricing, and long battery life. With the new 14-inch Latitude E6420, Dell has added a strong dose of style and durability to this tried and true formula, using a new Tri-Metal design with a durable magnesium frame that's built to stand up to abuse. Inside, the Dell LATITUDE E6330 AC adapter packs a punch, thanks to a second-generation Core i5 processor. Still, the $1,361 price tag for our configuration is a bit steep--even when you factor in the touchscreen. Is this Latitude worth it.

    All of that extra metal and thought the designers put into its construction indeed makes it very durable. When we pressed down on the chassis and around the palm rest, it didn't budge. When we bent the lid of the display around the thick screen bezel, it did budge just a bit - but it was barely noticeable, and wasn't noticeable enough to Dell Latitude E4300 adapter create any ripples across the display. The reinforced steel hinges are also very sturdy; we don't suppose they'll give users any problems whatsoever. The Dell Latitude E6420 is very durable for its class.

    1600 x 900 LCD upgrade and I5 processor upgrade is worth it. Max the RAM and plan on a second HDD if you want to do several Virtual Machines effectively. If you go the SSD route, then the multibay will give you needed storage with a second mounted HDD down the road.

    Taking another look at the competition (Lenovo T420, HP 8460p), we see that the other contenders for your money also weigh a similar amount.  The standard model of Lenovo's T420 weighs in at 2.24kg, that is, with a 6-cell battery included.  HP's model with the smallest possible 3-cell battery comes to 2.07kg, the same as the Dell E6420 with a 4-cell battery.  The particular configuration we reviewed included a 9-cell battery (97Wh), bringing the grand total up to 2.620 Kg.  In terms of case dimensions, E6420 is the widest at 352 mm. The Lenovo T420 is 12 mm less wide and the HP 8640p 14 mm.  The same is true for case depth: the front of the E6420 juts out  about 10  mm when placed side-by-side with its rivals.  The Dell LATITUDE E6430s AC adapter is the thinnest of the three at 30mm when closed (E6420 and 8460p both 32mm - all figures based on info from the manufacturers).

    Its feature set isn't exactly brimming with new technology, but it has the essentials for any business to run smoothly. The E6420 is equipped with 4 USB ports, one of which is an USB/eSATA combo. There are no USB 3.0 ports, though. There's the legacy features such as VGA, ExpressCard, and SmartCard slot. The DVD drive (which doesn't burn DVDs) in my review unit is as ancient as it gets, although Dell offers a DVD burner option. The included webcam is actually an option, not standard for this model, and it doesn't shoot in 720p, like the one found in the Lenovo T420. In terms of storage, this Dell Latitude D620 adapter is loaded with a fast 320GB, 7,200rpm hard drive. An HDMI port and Gigabit Ethernet can be found in the back of the laptop.

    Considering it's a commercial laptop, the Latitude E6420 is also quite strong in the graphics department. It only relies on the graphics processor that's integrated in the Intel CPU, but it recorded a respectable 4486 in 3DMark06. The integrated graphics are also meant to keep the laptop's power usage in check. In our rundown test, in which we disable power management, enable Wi-Fi, maximise screen brightness and loop an Xvid-encoded video file, the laptop's 6-cell (60 Watt-hour) Dell Studio XPS 1340 battery lasted 3 hr 31 min.

    Inside, the 14-inch, 1366-by-768, widescreen LED-backlit display is almost blindingly bright. It's protected by a fairly thick bezel; the lid certainly feels as if it could take a fair amount of abuse. The keyboard boasts a backlight with user-adjustable brightness that comes on when you touch a key, and turns off to save power after a minute or so of inactivity. The keyboard, like the one on the E5420, is great: Keys are nicely sized and slightly sculpted, with good travel and a matte surface that discourages inadvertent sliding. As usual, Dell equips its business notebooks with Dell Latitude E6400 adapter joystick and touchpad cursor controls; both work fine, but I found the joystick somewhat mushy to use.

    The E6420 is chunky and a bit heavy at 2.39kg. This may not sound like much, but paired with its thick build, this isn't a laptop we'd want to carry around all day on trains, planes and automobiles. If you do insist on travelling with it regularly though, you'll benefit from its surprisingly long battery life – it lasted over seven hours in our light usage web browsing test. This is long enough to put some ultra-portable laptops to shame. The lid doesn't have an L-shaped hinge to reduce its height, but it does tilt all the way back so it's parallel to the keyboard so it should be possible to find a comfortable viewing angle when it's placed on your Dell Studio XPS 1340 AC adapter in cramped conditions.

    To see what kind of performance the Core i5-2520M-powered XFR with the standard Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated into the processor can deliver, we ran our standard benchmark suite, Passmark Software's PerformanceTest 6.1. It runs about 30 tests covering CPU, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, memory, and disk and then computes scores for each category and an overall PassMark score. We also ran our second benchmark suite, CrystalMark, for confirmation and additional information. For comparison, we included RuggedPCReview lab's most recent benchmarks of three direct competitors of the XFR, the GD Itronix GD8200, the Getac X500 and the Panasonic CF31.

    There are only three hotkeys, one for raising volume, one for lowering it and one for muting altogether. This might be irritating for people used to plenty of shortcuts and quick navigation, but the XFR has retained the touchscreen functionality of earlier models.

    The Dell Latitude E6420 is a step-up in performance and capability over the E5420 model. The E6420 was designed for home to office versatility in a budget-friendly package. It has a 14.0″ HD AntiGlare LED-backlit display and weighs 4.56lbs. The E6420 runs an Intel Core processor, with Intel HD graphics, and Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium OS, with up to 4GB memory and up to 500GB hard drive.

    Mobile, productive and built to last The redesigned, 14 Latitude E6420 laptop is built for the new mobile business class with the durability, productivity, security and easy manageability you've come to expect from the Latitude E-Family. Redesigned for work in your world Ready for whatever your work might dish out, this business-rugged laptop is stylishly armored top to bottom with a hard-wearing MIL-STD 810G tested Tri-Metal design, a highly durable anodized aluminum display back, a tough powder-coated base, reinforced steel hinges, a magnesium alloy internal frame and zinc alloy latch. The Latitude E6420 is also equipped with a spill-resistant keyboard, protective LCD seal and a 360-degree bumper for added screen protection that can outlast the bumps and spills of everyday work.

    The supplied 90w Dell Latitude E6420 adapter is relatively compact but of the brick shaped variety and not the flat and wide variety supplied with some the other offerings from Dell. With the charger plugged in and the laptop powered on, the battery charged at a rate of about 45W per hour, resulting in a zero to full charge in under an hour and half.

    Overall, the Dell Latitude E6420 is a comfortable unit to use and we like it. It feels sturdy and it also has understated good looks. We'd spec it up a little though and add a fingerprint reader as well as backlit keyboard; we're disappointed that there's no option for USB 3.0. Another quibble is that Dell makes you select from either the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 7 Professional — it doesn't supply both. Ours came with the 32-bit version as standard and when we restored the unit, it didn't give us the option of choosing the 64-bit version. Incidentally, it's a very quick recovery process — it took less than 10 minutes to reinstate the factory image.

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  • We’ve already extolled the virtues of ASUS’s Zenbook Prime UX31A with its speedy Ivy Bridge CPU and gorgeous full HD screen and, though we haven’t tested the 11.6-inch Zenbook Prime UX21A, we know it’s of similar quality for Asus ZenBook UX21A AC adapter. Today at Computex, ASUS gave us the chance to go hands-on with the upcoming touch screen-enabled, Windows 8 version: the UX21A touch.

    I can’t begin to describe how significant these first two reviews are. We’re talking about favorable comparisons with a MacBook Air (yes, MBA 2012 is still to come) and words like ‘perfection’ being used.  “The display is truly in a league of its own” says Anand. Remember, Windows 8 is going to add even more goodness. My prediction: Expect a touchscreen version on stage at Intel’s IDF in September.

    No news on pricing or availability, but as with so many of the other devices we’ve seen this past week it’s all contingent on when Windows 8 itself hits the market. Considering the non-touch UX21A has an RRP of $1,199, we’d expect the Touch version to be in excess of that.

    Intel's contribution to the Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A is a Core i7-3517U processor, running at 1.9GHz and featuring the latest Intel HD 4000 graphics. It's accompanied by 4GB of RAM, all used to power Windows 7 at this point Asus ZenBook UX32VD adapter.

    Again, like its predecessors, the ASUS Zenbook Prime UX21A Touch will come powered by the latest generation Intel Core CPUs, an up to 256GB SSD that contributes to incredibly speedy boot times (the reviewed ultraportable cold starts in about 10 seconds), an Intel HD 4000 graphics card and 4GB RAM. The manufacturer claims, that the upgraded UX21A touch will last for up to 150 days in standby mode with 2 seconds of resume-from-sleep time.

    There's no official word on the Asus Ultrabook update, but with Intel's new breed of processors expected to put in an official appearance in June, we hope it won't be too long before Asus pipes up to give us the full low-down.

    Interminable pour certains, l’attente d’une version Ivy Bridge de la gamme Zenbook d’ASUS arrive aujourd’hui à son terme et c’est avec une promptitude à toute épreuve que le constructeur nous a fait parvenir il y a deux semaines le tout premier modèle de Asus ZenBook UX31A AC adapter. Version 11,6 pouces du fer de lance ultrabook de la marque à savoir, le UX31A, le Zenbook Prime UX21A se propose en tant qu’héritier maturel de la dynastie ultraportable imaginée par Intel.

    Other specs are said to include up to 4GB of 1600MHz DDR3L RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000, up to 256GB SATA III SSD (512GB option also likely), Wireless Display (WiDi), 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, SDXC card reader, two USB 3.0 ports, and a micro HDMI-out.

    The new Zenbooks will also have Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics , 2/4 GB DDR3L memory, up to a 256 GB SATA 6.0 Gbps SSD, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, WiDI (Intel Wireless Display) support, an SDXC card reader, a micro HSMI output, two USB 3.0 ports, a backlit keyboard, and a battery enabling up to seven (UX31A) or five (UX21A) hours of operation.

    The improvements to this version of the Zenbook Prime UX21A are most notable in the even greater speed of its Ivy Brid quad core processor. The biggest gripe in terms of usability of the previous generations of Asus ZenBook UX32A adapter was the trackpad, which often seemed to have a mind of its own. No longer; the newest version has a trackpad that submits itself to the user’s commands. It has got to the point where consumers are starting to quickly scan over monitors with anything less than a 1080p display, even if all the other specifications are top-of-the-line; ASUS has recognized this reality, and upgraded the resolution of the previous generations to full HD with a 1080p IPS view-screen.

    The particular UX21A that Engadget got had 4 GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD and Integrated Graphics offering a nice boost over Intel HD 3000. Unfortunately Engadget hasn’t revealed certain details of the processor within like the clock speed and Integrated Graphics so as to maintain a confidential agreement.

    Setting new standards in technology and fashion, ZENBOOK Prime measures just 3mm front and 9mm back. It uses precision-crafted aluminum throughout its monoshell build, ensuring light durability. The cover features finely-etched concentric circles that embody the infinite nature of Zen thinking, and the entire design has been optimized to offer a holistic approach towards combining beauty with speed, and balancing work with play. To maintain this look and feel, Asus ZenBook UX32A AC adapter has developed a lineup of ZENBOOK Prime accessories that are just as attractive and sophisticated.

    The latter are believed to include Intel's yet-to-be-announced, next-generation low-voltage Ivy Bridge processors, with the top offering believed to be a 2GHz Core i7-3667U. Photos reveal that the ultrabooks will get micro HDMI and mini DisplayPort connections, two USB ports, and a microSDHC card slot in the larger of the two.

    This is the Asus Zenbook UX21A-R5102H, one of the most popular ultrabooks on the market, equipped with Intel Core i5-3317U processor, with 1.70 GHz of speed and 2.60 GHz maximum frequency turbo, with two processing cores and up four simultaneous tasks, excellent for users seeking medium performance and productivity, with 4 GB of memory ram DDR3, which is faster memory in market, perfect for browsing the Internet and working with multiple windows simultaneously, HD 128 GB SSD to store all your Asus ZenBook UX31A adapter, videos, music and more, all on one display LED 11,6 "inches, which saves up to 35% of the color LCD and also has bright colors, perfect for you to work or play with it.

    Cosmetically, not a lot is expected to change, with Asus's refreshed Ultrabooks expected to look just as drop-dead gorgeous as before. There's no official word on the Asus Ultrabook update, but with Intel's new Asus ZenBook UX32VD AC adapter breed of processors expected to put in an official appearance in June, we hope it won't be too long before Asus gives us the full low-down.

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  • The HP ProBook 4320s is a 13.3" mid-level notebook laptop designed for business use. There are two models of the ProBook 4320s, the WH295UT ($949.00), and the WH294UT ($759.00), the specs differing slightly.

    The HP Probook 4320s adapter is the smallest ProBook available, which a 13.3-inch display, starting weight of 4.45 pounds (no optical drive), and dimensions of 12.75”x8.98”x1.07”.  The 14-inch 4420s is slightly bigger at 4.71 pounds, with dimensions of 13.23”x9.15”x1.07”. Both laptops come with 1366x768 (720p) displays.

    Interesting observation of the backside is absence of any screws or openings. In this category this is rather unusual and makes eventual memory or hard-drive upgrade little bit more complicated. Battery is replaceable without any tools, however. Above keyboard is a decent "grill" with just power button, back-lit with white LED which is lit during normal operation and flashes when suspended. There are no other LEDs or buttons. The HP Probook 4710s AC adapter only other white LED indicating hard drive activity is on left front side. No big lamps, just small illuminated dot. Simple, clean and elegant.

    As for under the hood, the 4320s and 4420s are available with Core i7, i5 or Core i3 processors, support up 8 GB of memory and come with up to 500 GB of storage. You can go with integrated Intel graphics, or discrete with HP ProBook 4510s adapter graphics with 512 MB of video RAM. The latter isn’t going to blaze through the latest games (or even older games for that matter), but it should make watching HD video much more enjoyable. The included ArcSoft Total Media software should also make watching, creating and editing video (as well as audio) files a snap. To round out the multimedia experience, all the new 4000 series ProBooks can take an optional BD-ROM drive.

    The HP ProBook 4320s boasts a sleek design with advanced multimedia support normally reserved for more expensive notebooks. The HP ProBook 4320s Laptop delivers refined simplicity with a clean design and an Intel Core i5-450M 2.4GHz processor. The low-profile 13.3-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD display, gives you improved brightness, contrast and clarity with a screen that is more power-efficient than regular LCD screens. The HP Probook 4311s AC adapter features the integrated Intel Intel HD Graphics that balances memory usage between graphics and the system. Whether you’re across the street or across the country, integrated 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN, and Bluetooth® 2.1 help you stay connected.

    Don't look for Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) for giving presentations on an HDTV set—the ProBook 4320s doesn't even have a wired HDMI port. Nor will you find USB 3.0 for connecting up-to-date storage devices. Instead, the HP has four USB 2.0 ports—one a USB/eSATA combo port—along with Ethernet, FireWire, VGA, DisplayPort, and 56Kbps modem ports, plus microphone and headphone jacks. There's a HP Probook 4310s adapter ExpressCard slot on the left side, just above the DVD±RW drive, and an SD/MMC media reader on the front bezel.


    • Intel Core i3-430M Processors (2.26 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache)
    • Genuine Windows 7 Professional
    • 2 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM
    • 13.3 inch diagonal LED-backlit HD anti-glare
    • 320 GB 5400 rpm SATA II
    • Mobile Intel HM57 Express
    • Intel HD Graphics
    • Weight: 2.14 kg
    • Webcam: 2 Megapixels
    • HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth 2.1 Wireless Technology
    • Dimensions (w x d x h):12.68 x 8.98 x 1.07 inches
    • Integrated Intel Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 NIC)
    • Optical Drive: DVD+/-RW SuperMulti DL LightScribe
    • Battery: 6 Cell
    • I/O Port: RJ-45, RJ-11, 3 USB 2.0
    • Express Card/54, Smart Card Reader

    The ProBook s (standard) series is a slight step down from the EliteBook line, but its range of features remains impressive. Just like the EliteBooks, all the new ProBooks come equipped with LED-backlit LCD screens as well as HPs QuickLook and QuickWeb applications, and every model will be available in April with a general starting price of $719.

    Keyboard is "chicklet" type with big key surface making it easy to hit the right one. It should be safe to spill cofee on it since keyboard contains drains. Keys are very easy on typing and are quiet enough. Surface between keys is made of highly polished material. This HP Probook 4510s AC adapter looks very good but attracts fingerprints and tends to be a bit difficult to clean. Some keys (caps lock, f5, f6, wifi on/off) has LED indicator which is lit when the function is on. I appreciate especially dedicated right-most column of delete, home, page up, page down and end keys.

    A feature that I like so far is the Display Power Saving Technology. Basically when on battery, depending on the colors the screen is displaying, the LED will automatically brighten or dim to adjust to the colors. Some may find this annoying when viewing a webpage but I seem to like this feature.

    The case and build quality is top notch. It's in a completely different class compared to my previous HP ProBook 4710s adapter. Absolutely no keyboard flex, palm rests are rock solid. When you close the lid, you can flex the outside aluminum case a bit, but nothing noteworthy, the notebook feels super solid. The case and colour also look very nice. The keyboard is great.

    The HP ProBook 4320s is a respectable contender in the 13.3-inch business laptop contest, with responsive performance and a keyboard that narrowly tops that of the Editors' Choice Toshiba Portege R835-P88. But its extra pound and a half of weight, and lack of HDMI and USB 3.0, make it hard to recommend over the HP ProBook 4320s AC adapter. It's not always hip to be square.

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  • Fusing raw power with good looks, the Dell XPS 15 is Windows’ answer to the Macbook Pro and one of the best laptops we’ve seen this year. If there was a Windows machine to rival the mighty MacBook Pro, the Dell XPS 15 would be it. Dell’s latest offering has bleeding-edge specifications, a fantastic HD screen and great usability. Of course, it’s all wrapped up in a gorgeous silver chassis typical of the XPS range.

    The XPS 15 is constructed out of aluminium and a rubbery material. The laptop looks very sleek from all sides, and you don't even have all those stickers to sully the look. They are located under an aluminium cover on the bottom. Sharp lines and appealing design, those words come to mind when looking at the XPS 15. The keyboard, with backlit keys, also appears to be designed with aesthetics in mind. The keys are rounded, which takes a little getting used to. Like Apple's laptops, Dell has not included a separate numpad. The touchpad is large and smooth, and works fine.

    The XPS 15 comes in a stylish cardboard box which unfortunately contains few accessories. Beside the notebook, built-in Dell XPS 15 battery and power supply, we only received a driver CD and a few brochures. The pre-installed software package offered a little more. Among other things, Dell included CyberLink PowerDVD 9.6 which can be used to play movies using the Blu-Ray drive. There is also the typical trial version of McAfee Security Center and an extensive collection of Dell tools and utilities. The XPS 15 includes a 2-year license for 2 GB of storage from DataSafe Online, an online backup service.

    Our unit has the quad core 2.1GHz Intel Core i7-3612QM, 8 gigs of DDR3 1600MHz RAM, a 750 gig 7200 RPM HDD, 32 gig SSD drive and Nvidia GT640M graphics with 2 gigs of DDR5 VRAM (Kepler). Ours has a Blu-ray drive, and you order it with a DVDRW if you prefer. Our config lists for $1,699, so this isn't a cheap machine. The base model starts at $1,299 with a Core i5-3210M, 6 gigs of RAM and a 500 gig HDD plus 32 gig SSD.

    One other item worth noting is that Dell has integrated some power-saving mechanisms alongside the Windows power options. One is a typical power saver mode that engages the “Power Saver” plan when on Dell XPS 14 battery and changes the theme to Windows 7 Basic. I’m not making use of that (I like my Aero). The other one is more interesting. Called Dell Intelligent Display, it changes the way the screen displays images, which results in lower contrast, but improved battery life. The appearance degradation isn’t very noticeable, but the power savings are.

    There’s also a Blu-ray drive wth DVD burning facilities, which should make those of you still keen on burning discs happy. And if optical media is dead to you, there’s an SD card slot waiting for you.

    Clean lines, smooth curves, and vast expanses of beautifully textured metal, cool to the touch -- the MacBook Pro has captivated Apple fans for years, and there's no doubt Dell's trying to capture much of the same Dell XPS L401x AC adapter. From the aluminum chassis to the placement of the speakers, DVD drives and majority of ports... heck, even the tiny arrow key bars on the backlit keyboard and feet on the bottom of the chassis are cribbed from Apple's product.

    Not only is the construction solid, but performance is excellent. In our Real World benchmarks we saw an overall score of 0.86 thanks to the core i7, and it endured just under six hours of light Dell XPS 17 battery life testing. Considering that this isn’t using an Ultrabook CPU, this battery life in itself is impressive, although in the heavy use test it only managed an hour and 22 minutes.

    My hard drive crashed within the first 5 months. I had an ongoing problem with the internet connection(It would randomly drop and a Dell Tech replaced the wireless card 2-3 times and there was still no resolution). They replaced my hard drive under warranty and ALL the programs I paid extra for were gone. After 8+ hours (not consecutively) on the phone, I convinced Dell to replace my machine as a whole, and I got a refurbished computer hoping that I would be out of my misery. Still having internet issues.
    This computer is proof that Dell has gotten lazier. That's the only way I can think to phrase it. Horribly crafted machine all around. I am waiting for my warranty to expire in another 2 years and getting a Mac. I cannot wait.

    Naturally, with the added processing power and the inclusion of a disc drive, the XPS 15 gains a little heft over the XPS 14, carrying a thickness of 0.91-inches and a starting weight at 5.79 pounds. It also shaves three hours off of the maximum Dell XPS 14 battery life of the most energy-efficient model, with Dell's advertised performance timed at 8 hours and 11 minutes. Compared to the MacBook Pro, the XPS 14 and XPS 15 are both thicker and heavier, but allegedly best Apple's battery performance by several hours.

    Typing on the XPS 15’s backlit Chiclet keyboard is surprisingly comfortable. The soft touch palmrest is both cool and comfortable and the generously sized trackpad is fast and responsive. Dell has included a thin rubber strip around the edge of the screen, which sits on the edge of the palmrest when closed, reducing the amount of dust that can build up inside. The combination of this rubber and the sturdiness of the aluminium lid also means the keys don’t press against the screen when closed.

    All the aluminum in this notebook combined with high-performance components and a full array of ports makes this notebook heavier than most 15-inch Ultrabooks but that metal construction and those features work together to make the Dell XPS L401x battery one of the best notebooks in its class. A starting price of close to $1,300 means the XPS 15 isn't cheap but if you're looking for the best Windows-based alternative to a MacBook Pro ... this is it.

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  • Laptop Review : SONY VAIO VGN-AR690U

    Wondrous Webcam

    The built-in HD web camera features a Sony Exmor® R image sensor which helps guarantee a crisp, bright picture—even in dimly-lit rooms. The webcam is perfect for snapping self-portraits, video conferencing with a client or catching up with your friends. And like magic, you can use the camera and a few simple hand gestures to skip a song, adjust the volume, navigate webpages,SONY VGP-BPL9 battery and more without even touching your computer thanks to VAIO Gesture Control.


    Laptop Review : SONY VAIO VGN-AR690U

    Laptop Specs 


    ·         Ports

    ·         Gigabit Ethernet port (RJ-45)

    ·         HDMI® output

    ·         Headphone output

    ·         USB 2.0 x1

    ·         USB 3.0 x1 (charging)

    ·         VGA output


    ·         Display

    ·         13.3" LED backlit display (1366 x 768)

    ·         Graphics

    ·         Intel® HD Graphics 400014 


    ·         Audio

    ·         Intel® High Definition Audio with xLOUD and Clear Phase technology/SONY VGP-BPL18 battery

    Software & Support

    ·         Software

    ·         Kaspersky® Internet Security (30-day trial)6 

    ·         Microsoft® Office trial

    ·         Sony Original Software

    ·         PlayMemories Home

    ·         VAIO Care

    ·         Service & Warranty Information

    ·         1 year limited warranty4 

    ·         1 year toll-free 24/7 technical telephone assistance11 

    ·         1 year international service plan available13 


    3D Without the Glasses

    Choose a 3D-enabled L Series to experience the explosive world of Full HD 3D entertainment with your eyes alone—no glasses required. Infused with Sony VGP-BPS13 battery, high frame rate LCD technology, the 3D L Series PC serves up incredible, high definition contrast and luscious color for an unforgettable 3D adventure without the glasses. 3D is not available in TV tuner mode.


    Laptop Review : SONY VAIO VGN-AR690U

    Surrounded in Sound

    Enjoy a captivating movie theater-like experience on your VAIO Tap. Two speakers and a sub-woofer combine with realistic surround sound powered by S-Force®technology(Sony Vaio VGN-FZ290 adapter) to deliver effects similar to the high-grade audio systems found in theaters. Each note of your favorite song and every classic movie line will ring with impressive richness and depth for truly incredible home entertainment.

    Hi-Capacity's NEW Sony VAIO VGN-AR690U Battery rated at 11.1V, 48WHr, 4400mAh, 6-Cell Li-ion. Replacement battery is guaranteed to be fully compatible with original Sony VAIO VGN-AR690U battery specifications. This is a new fully decoded model with no bios patch needed! Just Plug and Play. These are quality made Hi-Capacity brand laptop batteries manufactured with premium Li-Ion cells. Li-Ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect. The batteries also have internal circuit boards with smart chips, which allows the battery to communicate with the laptop to monitor battery performance, output voltage and temperature.

    SONY VAIO VGN-AR690U battery Specification:




    12 Months

    Battery Condition:

    Brand New

    Battery Type:

    6-Cell Li-Ion

    Battery Voltage:


    Battery Capacity:

    48WHr 4400mAh

    Battery Color:


    Dimensions (LWH):

    8.2" x 1.8" x 0.8"

    Battery Weight:

    0.8 lb


    Laptop Review : SONY VAIO VGN-AR690U

    Hi-Capacity's replacement Sony VGP-BPS18 battery is 100% compatible with the following:

    • Select Sony VAIO VGN-AR Series Notebooks
    • Sony VAIO VGN-CR Series Notebooks
    • Sony VAIO VGN-NR Series Notebooks
    • Select Sony VAIO VGN-SZ Series Notebooks


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